Scholarship Program

Every year we choose a handful of students to receive a scholarship and have the ability to take our program for free.  If you would like to apply for the program email us for application information. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a new career or continued education for a graduate contact us today.

"I didn't really want a handout. I just needed little help to accomplish what I knew I had inside me the whole time."       Tannie K

Sponsorship Program

We are proud to be in partnership with Genesis Master of Events, who will match, dollar for dollar, all sponsorship funds. If you are a church or family member and know someone who would like to be able to complete one of our courses, but is unable to due to financial stress, consider sponsoring them! You can sponsor a specific student, or just add funds to sponsor anyone from your church that would like to enroll. 


If you would like to sponsor someone you know, or receive more information about sponsorship, fill out the form below:


It is our duty to carefully provide for others, the ability to make the most of what they have been given.  For this reason, we have a process where we are diligent to seek out the best candidates who will be a success at the completion of the program.  These selected candidates will receive support throughout their careers that will enable them to succeed to their fullest potential. 

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