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Save Thousands on Your Wedding in 3 Easy Steps

Simple planning mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars and the sad part is you would never even know it. Follow these easy steps to save you thousands on your wedding.

There are some common mistakes that couples naturally make when planning their wedding, causing them to go over budget.  It is our goal to help these couples before they make these devastating decisions

I am pretty good at getting a deal. I am going to get the big things out of the way. I need to pick my date and venue 1st. -3 of the biggest mistakes couples make.

Don't go with your gut.

Too often couples get nervous about not having enough time to plan their wedding.  Let’s face it, planning a wedding correctly does take a lot of time.

Step 1: Calculate the time you need to plan.

How many services do you need to hire?  Let’s say it’s 10.  Now how many do you want to interview of each?  Let’s say 5. If you multiply 10 service types by the amount you want to interview that would be 50 interviews.  Now multiply that by the research, phone calls to set up the meetings, the drive time and the meeting itself, which maybe about 3 hours total each.  So, that is 150 hours just to set up interviews. This time investment does not include 2nd interviews, final meetings, shopping for the wedding, showers, etc…

I think you can see how couples will get frustrated and impatient. Because of the huge time investment couples get nervous and just start making commitments without taking the time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Solution:  Realize the importance of taking your time and research everything before you commit to anything.

Step 2:        Calculate the Total Costs

One of the biggest misconceptions, causing couples to go way over budget, is that all associated services are included in the cost of hiring a service provider. In reality nearly every service provider has numerous unexpected costs for related services.

Catering for example; if you have 100 guests and you select a meal that costs $30.00 per person, you most likely will budget $3,000.00.  Does it include beverages, cake cutting and serving, dishes, linens, servers, tax, tip, service charge?  All of these related costs can easily double your initial budget. Unfortunately, most couples do not discover this until they have secured many of their other services. By this time you are already committed to services that will cause you to go way over budget.

 Solution:  Make sure you ask your service providers the costs of all additional services that will be needed, relating to the service they are providing. Do this before committing to ANY services.  Once you have your estimates for all your selections, then you can have an accurate budget in place and begin securing your services.

The average couple goes over budget 30% and doesn't even know they will until just weeks before their wedding.

  Step 3:              Stick to the Plan

Once couples have all their services secured, the “fun” part begins.  Shopping for décor and accessories is always exciting and very easy to get caught up in.  What is the problem?  Most people don’t plan for these out of control shopping sprees!  Simple little DIY ideas turn into major time investments and end up with a cost well over the original intended amount.

Solution:  Choose a few small projects that do not take a lot of time.  Don’t over schedule your projects.  Choose one small project at a time.  Purchase all the items, construct them and then if you have finished it with in your budget, choose another, and so on.  Remember, just because it is a super cute idea doesn't mean it has to be at your wedding. If you really want to do a DIY project maybe you can do it for an occasion that isn't so critical like a birthday party or another occasion?

“Most people underestimate the skill sets and time investment needed to create your perfect wedding.  We hope this has helped you to set a firm foundation for your wedding planning!  Follow us on our social media to get more support and helpful ideas.  We wish you happy wedding planning!”

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