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Avoiding Wedding Party Issues

Asking someone to be in your wedding party is the easy part. Getting them to do what you expect them to is the stressful part. We will give you a few tips and tricks to help get them in line before the trouble begins.

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Do you really know all the costs, duties and expectations of the bridal party? Even if you do, does everyone in the party? If your not sure, this is a good time to lay out the expected costs and duties for each member in the party. #bridalpartyduties

Bridezilla VS. Bridesmaid

Who will be victor when #Bridezilla turns on her Bridesmaids? No one! Being asked to be a bridesmaid and not only share, but participate in the wedding festivities can be a great honor. However, it is often a much larger commitment than most originally expect.

I have had several brides who were under the impression that because they were "the Bride” it was the implicit duty of each of her bridesmaids to cater to her ever want-and-whim; no matter how outrageous and inappropriate her requests were. Should one of those chosen few not perform to Bridezilla’s satisfaction, they were subjected to a very thorough public lecture, resulting in embarrassment and humiliation. - That's right, it happens in real life too, not just on TV.

So, you may be wondering, what are reasonable requests and expectation for the bridal party? I am glad you asked. Typically you should make everything clear (in writing so you can all refer back to it incase there are misunderstanding) from day one. A simple list, clearly laying out expected duties, items you expect them to pay for and make sure they are able to follow through with your requests.

It is all too common for a bridesmaid to grossly underestimate the cost of being in the wedding party. Many have come to us expecting to pay $150-$200 for the whole experience (dress, shoes, alterations, make-up, hair and we haven’t even moved on to the shower or bachelorette party yet). The average bridesmaid’s dress costs $250, when you add in all the other services required for just day-of items, you are well above the initially anticipated budget. The current average cost to be in a wedding party is around $1,500.00.

Note to the Brides

Be sure to outline your expectations and provide your bridesmaids with reasonable and realistic estimated costs for the whole event.

Note to the Bridesmaids

If you are considering saying yes, make sure you ask what the bride expects from you, time, money, duties etc. Write it down and go over it together to be sure all parties are clear on their duties and expectations. Albeit seemingly formal, you will both be much happier having a written list to reference throughout the months ahead. Being upfront and honest about your hopes and expectations is the key to happy relationship; especially one of Bride and Bridesmaid!

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