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1st Steps to Wedding Planning

Thinking about planning a wedding can be really exciting. This will be for most people, the most they have ever spent on a party for themselves. It can also quickly turn into an extremely stressful time. It doesn't have to happen to you.

Wedding planning stress can creep up on you faster than you expected. Follow our blog to get the tips and tricks you need to ease your #weddingplanningstress

Common Missteps

Pick a date, book a venue, book a photographer, look at decor and flowers, freak out cause you are already over budget. -Welcome to the typical wedding planning process.

Have you every heard a bride tell you how much fun she had planning her wedding and how perfect everything was? If you have, she most likely was not being honest. Let's face it who wants to admit they were ripped off, taken advantage of, didn't get the right things delivered, the timeline was a mess and they were way over budget? No one! That my friends is what keeps perpetuating this terrible problem. Everyone else not telling the truth makes it impossible to prepare others who are planning their wedding next.

How to plan a wedding the right way

The very first thing you should do is to contact the most experience #weddingplanner in your area. Seek out the person who has the most 5-star reviews. Set up a meeting with them and find out if they can help you get the wedding you want in your budget. I know you will want to resist this advice, but you are on my blog trying to find out how you can plan your wedding the best way possible. SO~ follow my advice.

Get rid of misconceptions

You may be thinking, "they just want to spend my money" or " why should I spend the money on them when I can put it toward something else" or " I don't want them to control my wedding" Granted that could be true for some planner that you meet, but not all. Did you know that in every case that a client of mine has followed my advice I have save them more money than they paid for my services? Also, I did control a lot of areas for my clients, that is why they got superior services. Did you also know that because of my industry connections, I have a stronger influence and buying power than any individual can have? I also have a compassion for my clients so, I can act on their behave to make sure they get what they want. So, just like you will go visit many different venues, photographer, and other services, why not just go see if a professional experienced planner can offer you the same?

Don't listen to your friends advice, they probably did it wrong too!

If you are dead set against considering having a planner visit my wedding planning tutorial site: www.weddingstateuniversity.com In this program I will walk you through the best wedding planning process through video tutorials. At least I will feel at ease knowing you are learning the right way to do it and I will be able to sleep at night.

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