Victoria Lewis the queen of weddings


eddings are my passion and I guess that explains why I have been in the wedding industry for over 30 years. In fact, I actually was fortunate enough to have grown up in the wedding industry. I was blessed to have a mother with a high level of energy and passion for the wedding industry.  She was a serial entrepreneur before it was even a "thing". I am so proud of her and blessed to have her as a mentor.  She is extremely talented in so many areas. I was extremely blessed to witness first hand her skills as she forged through as a business owner she ran a major bridal salon, tuxedo store, several flower shops, and provided invitation services. As a little girl, I saw the drive and dedication she had accompanied by the thrill she would get from making a bride's dreams come true!

So, of course, when I had the opportunity to follow in her footsteps, I jumped at it and have not left it! Although I had my dream job, I, like most other humans on the planet, went through some tough times in my personal life and found myself a single mom of 3 with no financial support from their estranged father. As many people can relate to the difficulties that face single parents, there are not only the financial responsibilities, but the emotional toll you can bear, but I know I just could not have provided for them the way I did without this amazing career I am in. I am so grateful for the blessing of my dream job. It provided me the flexibility to spend time with my kids, be active in their school life, our church, and I never had to miss a  birthday, school play, or one of their games. Here I am given this glamorous title "The Queen of Weddings" and you may be wondering why I even feel the need to mention the tough times I went through. It is always been a deep desire of mine to be an encouragement to others.  I want people out there who may be in the same situation to know, if I can do it, I know they can do it too! Sometimes we just need the encouragement to follow our dreams!

Early in my career, I read a quote that I have adopted as my mantra that I have lived by sits on my desk. It has helped me push on when I didn't think I could go any further.  It reads,

"Some people dream of success while others work hard at it."  

It is rare that we win the lottery and have our dream handed to us, but that doesn't mean we can't achieve our goals just the same.  I must say, had it been handed to me, the victory would not be as sweet and I thank my precious Savior for sticking by me every day.

I have a dedication and passion for everything to do with the wedding industry; the clients, the service providers and their success, as well as other hopeful planners who may want to have the same type of success I have been blessed to enjoy.

~The Queen of Weddings